We want to create the most extraordinary sales growth experience for you.

The way we do this is by helping all our Sales Gamers to see the intention we have behind the game for you. These include the underlying standards, terms and principles of The Sales Game.

By playing any form of The Sales Game - Virtual Edition, you understand and agree to the following:

  • You will receive an email from us before your Game: This will allow you to set up your Player Profile and be ready for the Game. You will need to create an account using the same email as your ticket confirmation along with a password, first name, last name and profile picture.
  • Your webcam must be on when you're at your computer: One of the major components of human interaction and communication is body language and facial expression - let it be seen! Flaunt it if you got it.
  • Your audio must be available and a microphone is required with headphones: This can be as simple as your iPhone Airpods, but you must have something at least. No 'external microphones' allowed as they pick up quite a bit of outside noise, and no one needs that - especially not you when you become 'that one with the annoying audio'.
  • If any outside audio is disrupting please MUTE: Neighbour got a barking dog? Mute yourself. Husband playing with tools in the shed? Mute yourself. Wife yelling at you for playing with tools in the shed when you should be trying to win The Sales Game? Mute yourself.
  • Be available and present for the whole game: Whether you're winning, losing, hit a wall of plotting world domination, please be present the entire game. Remember the purpose of this experience is learning first, growing sales results second, winning third - and there's still so much for you to learn.
  • Show respect and consideration for all players: This one should go without saying, don't be 'one of those types'. That means no verbal harassment or bullying, sexism, racism, or anything that even comes remotely close to any other form of -ism.
  • The law still applies here: Hey, we are up for creativity and innovation throughout the entire game but the law must be adhered to at all times. Break the law and you may be banned from the game.
  • If you break the rules, you're banned from The Game: The Sales Game is like a good glass of wine: full of class and best enjoyed over a deep conversation with those you respect. If you can't appreciate the wine, we ask you to pass your glass to someone who can. There are no refunds or cancellations for any purchased versions of The Sales Game.
  • You must have a working laptop/PC and smartphone: Well, you can play without them, but you're not going to get very far in The Game! FYI - you'll be using the computer to experience the 'room' aspect of the event, and your phone will be helpful for navigating the game with other players.
  • Your internet connection MUST be a stable, fast and consistent with Google Chrome installed as your browser (preferably): The further away you can get from the days of dial-up, the better! Remember the awful noise that used to make.
  • Run a System Check: Before you enter the Arena, run a system check to make sure everything is ready to go.
  • You take responsibility for all results and non-results: Achieved both within and following all versions of The Sales Game online experience.
  • You are at an adequate and sufficient level of physical, mental & emotional health to play The Sales Game: And you take personal responsibility for all three of these factors both within and following any version of The Sales Game online experience.